Arthritis, otherwise known as inflammation of the joints, is the leading cause of disability in people older than 55. It should be known that arthritis is a chronic condition and there is no cure. If detected early, preventative measures such as exercise and good dieting helps to lower your susceptibility to several common forms, including osteoarthritis, which is commonly associated with age. Overuse of toxic pharmaceuticals is still the most common treatment to date, though pharmaceuticals are slowly being replaced with more non-invasive, non-toxic methodologies including the use of photonic energy treatment, better known as cold laser therapy.

Theralase® therapeutic lasers reduce inflammation of the joints by stimulating the lymphatic system, the body’s drainage system, which drains interstitial fluid from tissues located in the injured area. The secondary effect of the Theralase® laser is its ability to regenerate immune cells. The lymphatic system carries immune cells, lymphocytes, to the injured area where they excrete bioenergy used to destroy infection. When Theralase® empowers the lymphocytes, each cell releases more bioenergy making it a better combatant. A Theralase® Super Pulsed Laser has the unique ability to penetrate tissue up to 4” below the dermis, 5 times further than our closest competitor, treating deep chronic arthritis conditions commonly found in the knees and shoulders. There is no clinically tested modality proven to be more effective for arthritis than the Theralase® TLC-1000 Therapeutic Laser.








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