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Device Authenticator PRO

Device Linker















Innovative and Patented Technology


Thanks to our unique patented technology, we supply different solutions to various industries which allows us to answer to issues such as:


data theft through hardware security breaches
biometric data management for the next generation of smartcard IDs
Passenger control solutions in airports
Mobile equipments accessing the European criminal databases and other sensitive data
Unauthorized modifications on new or rental material (rental computers and other equipments)
Connection of unauthorized systems (payment terminals, eBanking)
Solutions preventing Video piracy (set top boxes)
Solutions preventing game consoles modifications (adding a chip)


Our solutions bring a new approach the security and authentication rules of the Endpoints, and improve the productivity of your organization by empowering you to ensure the use of its resources in a professional purpose. In addition, the permanent fear of loosing sensitive data vanishes.


Towards the next generation of Security
Our solutions may secure both transactions with a distant server and un access to a local equipment. We create a secure and reliable environment for all employees of the organization and your network is back in control.

Combined with the strong authentication techniques such as the biometric smartcards, our solutions offer a total control and traceability of the access to sensitive data. A in depth verification is done in order to certify that a given equipment (and its environment) has the rights and privileges to run a given task.





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