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- Metrology


GSI is the world's leading firm in Industrial Photogrammetry. We have been providing a wide variety of photogrammetric measurement services for over thirty years, and have been producing state-of-the-art turnkey photogrammetric measuring systems for industrial clients for over a decade. With over 200 of our video and film-based systems installed worldwide, GSI is far and away the dominant producer of high-accuracy photogrammetric systems for industrial measurement.


- Coatings


TechLine Coatings, Inc. was established to bring the advantages of Aerospace coating technology to the automotive aftermarket. Rather than simply utilize already existing coatings, as many companies have, TECH LINE has modified formulas and created new ones to fit the specific needs of various industries


- InfoTech


DNP Global represents various companies that are leaders in their respective fields in the information technology domain. Our primary offerings in the IT sector are security, authentication and data security.


- Cryogenic Treatment


Applied Cryogenics, Inc (ACI) is in the business of manufacturing cryo plants for the past 25 years. ACI builds the most efficient cryoprocessing available on the market. These rugged, vacuum insulated machines process materials at the lowest total cost of any machine. ACI's cryogenic process has been verified by research done by the US Army, Illinois Institute of Technology, Los Alamos National Laboratory and others.


- Machined Components


We supply various machined components to clients situated outside India, thus offering them access to high quality components at a fraction of the cost they would incur to manufacture these.


- Consulting


Our first offering as a company, dnp global owes its expertise and efficiency to the experience gained through its consulting activities executed for companies operating in such diverse areas as human resource to information technology, pharmaceuticals to ship repair.


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